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A problem-solving attitude with a passion for creative challenges.
Plus Constantly developing my skills allows me to adapt to changing requirements.

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New Zealand-Based Marketplace For Properties, Cars, Boats, Trucks & Classified Ads.

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kTube App

Don't control your kids, control their screen.

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Think 360 Studio

India’s top UI/UX Design Agency

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Tomorrow Solution Insurance Group

I can help you with

My philosophy is "Know what you want to achieve" and "Work out how to achieve."


With a solid track record in designing websites and apps, I deliver strong and user-friendly digital designs. Solid company branding is the foundation of any successful website.


I build scalable websites from scratch that fit seamlessly with the design. My focus is on micro animations, transitions, and interaction. For content management, I use Open Source CMS.

App Development

My strengths surround front-end web development for advanced applications, ambitious user experiences, marketing websites, mobile apps, component libraries, and prototype deployment. I build custom solutions that are flexible and maintainable.

Quality Assurance

A well-designed solution is also a well-tested solution. I provides manual and automated quality assurance for your digital experiences, so you can focus on delivering your dream while I clear the runway of annoing bugs and bad user experiences.

SEO strategy services

Good SEO work only gets better over time. Optimizing your files and images will also increase the website visibility of how fast the site loads to increase rankings visibility. Swot analysis and email marketing will play a significant role in improving your audience engagement and social media channels to keep a tight content reputation to the specific group of your target audience. Hence, it increases website traffic.

Website security (SSL) services

The internet is insecure by default. Updating core files are crucial for managing a tight, secure web property home. The reason can be laid to the fact that hackers won't be able to access any website assets through ftp or any outdated files. Some hackers attempt to drop scripts into search forms to display unencrypted information for their beneficial use of data. Keeping a secure website stops any form of malicious attacks conducted on your server files or database. Updating old scripts also prevents hackers from accessing loopholes to proceed with their attack mission. Ssl also has a significant role in encrypting assets from malicious attacks.

The full package

A complete website from concept to implementation, that's what makes me stand out. My great sence of desing and my development skills enable me to create kick-ass projects.

Landing Page

All small one-page site that prompts the user to take action: order a product or service, call the manager, leave a request, or something else.

Website Desing In Adobe Xd

Develpment of a design layout of the website to be passed on to the web Developer.


A site that contains a catalog of products, their detailed description, photos and prices, a shopping cart, an online payment system and notifications to the seller and buyer about the order. An online store is suitable for those who offer a wide range of goods or services and want to increse their sales by going online.

Multipage Site

A website with a more complex structure. It contains detailed information about the company, goods/service, a search function, photo/video material, certificates, reviews, a blog or contacts, etc. Such a site is suitable for small and medium-sized bussinesses that not only make sales but also want to build a reputation online and look for inverstors and partners.

My Toolbox

The skills, tools and technologies I use to bring your products to life:

My Toolbox

The skills, tools and technologies I use to bring your products to life:

Completed Courses...

I've completed a lot of training over the years. Here are some of the courses I've completed.


You need more informations? Read our customers reviews.

Website- booking software (specializing in hair and beauty salons)
"Rajinder was amazing to work with! He always listened to the brief, took feedback, and worked very hard on our project. The end product was exactly what we were looking for. Highly recommend it, we will be using it again on the next stage!"

Joe Adorno

Owner, YOLO Mentoring LLC

Need Codeigniter Developer for design implementation and development of existing web-app
"Super professional, kind, and working fast!
Great experience, I'm sure that I will use this developer for more and more projects!"

Thomas Wuensch

COO, SoftWorks AI

PHP Expert needed for E-Commerce Web Application Enhancement
"It was a pleasure to work with Raj and his team. They are quick, experienced, helpful, and very cooperative. They give updates and feedback on daily basis."

Jumoke Davis

CEO & Co-Founder, CoupleUp, Inc.

Website Design and Customisation
"Rajinder and his team at think 360 did an excellent job on my site. It was tricky integration but communication was always clear and prompt and we all worked together well towards a common goal of launching my new site. I will definitely work with them again on future projects. Looking forward to working with them on some smartphone apps next."

Marc Ramos

Director, Couchbase

Create a Demo App for Enriched Notification
"I just can recommend work with Rajinder. He does a good job, in a short time. Far better than I expected."

Brad Littler

Senior Technology Manager, Workfront

Update Data-Driven Landing Page for Mobile Responsiveness (PHP, Angular JS, Bootstrap Web Application)
"Rajinder did a great job on this responsive HTML/PHP development project and I enjoyed working with him. His skills were strong and the communication was good. I highly recommend him for this type of work and will hire him again in the future."

Greg Lopata

IS Solution Architect, ABB Power Electronics

Frequently Asked Questions

A lot of people don’t appreciate the moment until it’s passed. I’m not trying my hardest, and I’m not trying to do


I like to work from the core up and ask you some questions to get a feel for who you are and how we can create a strategy to fit your needs and make a user-friendly experience. I like to have a clear understanding of who you and your business are to create a custom solution for you.


Think twice, design once. I work with you to make a design that not only looks impressive but performs. I will spend as much time as needed to refine a concept to ensure it's just right. My mission is to create an online presence for my clients that will withstand the test of time.


I build all of my websites from the ground up, allowing me to create completely customized solutions for my clients. Because I both design and develop, I can have complete control over all aspects of a project, leaving nothing to be lost in translation.

PHP, MySQL, NodeJS, ReactJS, AWS Services (S3, Lambda, API Gateway, DynamoDB, EC2)

I work in a team of highly talented people (who are also my friends) with a wide range of skills related to web/mobile app design and development.

It helps you and me in covering skills that are not part of my core skill set such as UI/UX design.

I am open to both options!

Usually per project works best as it allows you and me to determine the price in the beginning and then just focus on the product itself instead of counting the hours.

Since communication is critical in any healthy relationship I prefer communicating at least once a day.

I'm open to higher or lower frequency depending upon your comfort level.

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